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The charm of the stone
Quality is at forefront. Blocks come from the best quarries all round the world. Regular inspections and careful choice of Mr. Mazreku provides only the best import from countries like Brazil, Mexiko, South Africa, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Italy, France and Norway.


Beauty, hardness and breath of the past. Discover the stone for your home.

Stone is the jewel of interior and unique building material. For its beauty, unique features and investment value, stone belongs to Holy Grale among the natural materials n building industry and design, there is an exclusive place for it from historical and design point of view.

More than 500 types of natural stone, that can be admired and used iin different surface modifications, from glossy to rough, anti-slip surface. Touch the history, get to know the power of nature, let yourself inspire by the beauty of the stone.

Searching for stone sounds like an adventure. Am I right or is it only business?

Travelling for the stone choice is exactly the same adventure as it sounds. It is a journey to various, often remote  corners of the world, where I search the nicest and the best quality stones.


Do you travel a lot? Is it you in person who travels?

All the stones are chosen by me. As the company expanded, I spent more and more time travelling, therefore my wife Ingrid is often accompanying me. It was also on our last journey to India, where we spent several weeks by choosing the stones.


What did you search for in India?

India is the home of granite and marble, two of the stones we work most often. Granite is very hard, heat, scratch and stain resistant, I like to work with it very much. Marble is one of the nicest stones, it is clean and elegant, especially in India I can find it in beautiful colour scales.

India has also other, personal value for me. That coountry sparkled the exploration. I brought my first stones from there in 1996.


Do you have a clear image of what stone you are searching for before your journey?

I know exactly, after so many years, that on the South of India I can find unique granite and on the North it is marble. When I travel somewhere, I am sure of what to search and I do not return home unless I bought what I came for.


Well, you come to your destination, particular quarry, with the idea what to buy? You buy it and return home? As in the supermarket?

No, not exactly. Stones are of different beauty and quality. I choose quarries where I expect the best, but that does not happen always so simply and fast. Sometimes to find the right stone for Adriatik is difficult, as I the quality is the value for me where compromises cannot be done.



You know well stones and quarries. Is there anything that surprises you, that you find something new?

I like to  discover. My eyes are wide open on my journeys and sometimes extraordinary  unique things surprise me.


Where do you do “shopping“?

India belongs to the most attractive for me but I also travel to Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil and even to Scandinavia.