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„Stone is being the first building material. While constructing houses, people tried to work with other building materials, but stone has its significant position and place. Due to its specific features – hardness, beauty, holding temperature – it has been perceived as unique building material also for decorative purposes.“ – Feriz Mazreku, the founder of Adriatik Stone




Beauty, hardness and breath of the past. Discover the stone for your home

Stone is the jewel of interior and unique building material. For its beauty, unique features and investment value, stone belongs to Holy Grale among the natural materials n building industry and design, there is an exclusive place for it from historical and design point of view.

More than 500 types of natural stone, that can be admired and used iin different surface modifications, from glossy to rough, anti-slip surface. Touch the history, get to know the power of nature, let yourself inspire by the beauty of the stone.


Stones to be introduced as the first, are:



The name for one of the most exclusive stones, comes from Greek language and means semiprecious stone. If you search for somethin exclusive, onyx will charm you at first sight. Its high light permeability predetermines  its  game with backlight and together with colour scale from white, through honey up to burgundy, it becomes a unique design unit, breathing luxury into each interior.



Granite has become one of the best known type of rock, thousands of years used in different segments as the symbol of status, power and durability. Due to its hardness, it is very durable against scratches, cracks, stains and heat impact. Mineral content in granite creates various colour combinations from white, through black to pink.



Has been the symbol of luxury and cleanliness. It has got grainy structure and very colourful range. Apart from other types of stones it does not make cold impression and it has been used for decorative purposes since antique times.